1. What is the Road Ahead?

Road Ahead is an opportunity to think about the future in a fun way A vocational guidance and career platform, Road Ahead’s games deliver assessment-driven feedback. Candidates and Students are incentivized to play by the opportunity to: • Learn about their Career trajectory and personality traits • Receive a Report that suggest jobs that fit the candidate’s personality • Desire to share their game and Vision Statement with friends via Facebook connectivity Our Road Ahead game suite is now running in Brazil at high schools, and launches in USA later this year.

2. Why was Road Ahead created?

This is a brand new innovation and first-time offering in the Career Development field. Career Development, a lifelong process for every working person, is especially relevant for the 41 million Americans age 18-24. This includes 2.2 million High School students who head to college the year and join 22 million other college students at the start of their career journey. As costs rise and job markets tighten, students and their parents are pressuring high schools and colleges to better prepare students for the future by improving their career development services to. help increase their economic value and attain a personally determined and evolving preferred future.

3. Who Should Use the Road Ahead?

Road Ahead was developed to serve high school and college students who are starting their professional journeys and will have to do very important career choices soon. However, we believe that this is a Process for life and may be used without expiration date.

4. Does it replace the Guidance Counsellor and the Career Center?

No. The Road Ahead is a first step and offers the possibility to know yourself better and also search different possible jobs available, helping in your decision-making process. The Road Ahead not a substitute for vocational guidance and career, which is an individual process and can be very thorough and time consuming.

5. How do I know I can trust the results?

Persona Labs is an innovator in the area of enterprise games and talent assessments, with over twenty years of experience in the development and implementation of assessment tools to identify and select job applicants Our comprehensive, proprietary library of employment assessments has been used by millions of employees at over 10,000 companies around the world

6. What is Two Way Street? What are interests?

The Endless Running game genre (think Temple Run), a proven, popular and addictive genre. The challenge in Two Way Street: RUN through a 3D landscape, rack up points, and KEEP MOVING for the adventure of a lifetime. Each of the play sessions is quick. The player encounters an entertaining and game-like Q&A session that appears ‘on the Road’. Currently, Two Way Street is designed to yield the assessment data needed to develop a personality profile through a Career Interest Inventory so that 10 minutes of gameplay tells the employee who they are and gives them a list of 15+ jobs that fit their personality.

7. What is This Way Up? What are Competencies?

Based on the classic sidescroller game approach (think Super Mario), This Way Up involves guiding an avatar to jump between suspended platforms, over obstacles, or both to advance the game. This Way up is designed to measure 6 key competencies to determine work style. Competencies are the personal characteristics that can affect how well a candidate will perform a job. Personality fit with a career is the best predictor of on-job performance.

8. With Road Ahead I will have a final answer about my career choices?

Career choices are complex. We need to focus on what we know, we need to look for best answer that we are able to find that particular moment with information we have available. The Road Ahead is here to help with that: improve self-knowledge and provide relevant information on the labor market and we believe it will help in the decision-making process. This does not mean that there is a right decision or a final answer. This is a lifelong process!

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