The Road Ahead Career Orientation and Assessment Platform
Of the many decisions high school students must make on their way to university and beyond, their Career path may be the most important. It's likely the greatest investment of their time, and determines what they do with their minds and the people and places they spend their days with. Self-awareness and improved career perspective are a big part of what makes life more fun and meaningful.

For parents and schools, helping their children and students with career direction is a part of their overall promise to provide an excellent academic education that prepares the young adult for the future.

For a generation of students, the ‘language of games” has been with them since childhood. Games are the go-to medium to entertain themselves and network with peers, and now to experience and explore Career Development.

The Road Ahead provides a career-centered experience that sheds light and provokes thought around potential career paths, combining the engagement and excitement of games with the predictive analytics of psychometric assessments. This is a brand new innovation and first-time offering in the career development industry. Cultural fit into a company or a functional role is the most important aspect of workplace success, and subsequently, career happiness. Cognitive skills, interests, values and personality traits form the basis of the student’s fit.

Persona Labs and The Road Ahead takes students on a journey about their aspirations, preferred activities and interests in different job roles, and gives students real information to make more informed decisions, combining aptitudes, values, interests, and 21st century careers to make career and educational recommendations.

Career Orientation as a self-led experience featuring games, diagnostic assessments, multimedia coursework, and social media connectivity elevates the relevance and interest level in self-exploration for all participants.

The Road Ahead is three products in one. Deploying in Brazil in June 2015 (in Portuguese) followed by US deployment in August 2015, The Road Ahead features three game experiences: two assessment/diagnostic games that yield data that serves a third Career Adventure game experience.
Two Way Street
Two Way Street (game one) delivers an “Endless Runner” game (think Temple Run), a proven, popular and addictive genre. This entertaining experience engages the employee as Q&A yields the assessment data needed to develop a personality profile. Two Way Street delivers a Career Interest Inventory so that 10 minutes of gameplay tells the employee who they are and gives them a list of 15+ jobs that fit their personality.
Make Your Way
The data from these two diagnostic games feed directly into Make Your Way, a Choose-Your-Own Adventure game. This fast paced experience delivers an eye-opening and contextual walkthrough of the next few years of their life and their future career driven by their Interests and Competencies and the choices they make.

This Way Up
This Way Up (game two) is a “Platformer” (think Super Mario) that involves guiding an avatar to jump between suspended platforms, over obstacles, or both to advance the game. The Game measures 6 competencies/work styles. The competencies assessed are defined by the US Department of Labor as “Personal characteristics that can affect how well someone performs a job.” The 6 competencies assessed are as follows:

• Achievement Orientation

• Leadership

• Interpersonal Orientation

• Adjustment

• Conscientiousness

• Innovation

Persona Labs
Persona Labs is an innovator in the area of enterprise games and talent assessments. The company founders are known as an original pioneers of games for business and have put over 8 million branded games into play, creating first-ever game-based campaigns for General Mills, Coca-Cola, The GAP, and Taco Bell, and bringing the concept of game-based recruiting and learning Simulations to improve learning and perform at multinational corporations

Persona Labs assessments have been developed and validated by Industrial Psychologists utilizing best practices approaches are based on 30+ years of content developed and validated specifically for the employment setting. Our content has been administered to millions of job applicants, in over 10,000 organizations worldwide.

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