Play for your Future
The Road Ahead is an opportunity to have some fun while thinking about your future. Play these games for a career-centered experience that provokes thought around potential career paths.

Soon you’ll start planning for college, a first step in a lifelong career journey. We want to help you prepare for your future by shedding light on what motivates you and what you are capable of doing. Improve your career development approach to help yourself evolve, achieve and enjoy your future.

A Lifelong Process
Career Development is the lifelong process of managing learning, work, leisure, and transitions in order to move toward a personally determined and evolving future.
Games are fun!
The Road Ahead provides an experience that’s interactive, relevant and engaging. We help students find their best path through college by using the latest science available.
Figuring it Out
Someday you’ll figure it out - who you are, how you think, what you want to do with your life. But what if you could do it faster? Think about how that would change your approach to college, your first job, your life.
A scientific Match
Play to be scientifically matched to your:
• Specific interests
(what you love to do)
• Specific competencies
(what your work style is like)
• Your best-fit opportunities
(where you'll naturally thrive)
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Two Way Street
This entertaining game experience engages you as it gathers data to develop a personality profile. Research shows that your interest in a career is the number one predictor of satisfaction. After 10 minutes of gameplay, the game tells you who you are and gives you a list of jobs that fit your personality.
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This Way Up
This game measures 6 key competencies to determine your work style. Competencies are your personal characteristics that can affect how well you perform a job. Competency fit with a career is the best predictor of on-job performance. Jobs with high competency fit are not always obvious and might surprise you.
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Make Your Way
Take an eye-opening journey over your next few years of life. This Choose-Your-Own Adventure is a Career game experience that combines the Interests and Competency data from the first two games to see how they influence your life interactions.
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Gathering information about careers is an important part of the career planning process and will help you discover whether a particular career is right for you. This Job Bank contains profiles of careers. Each one includes a job description, outlook, salary and educational and other requirements.  Learn about a wide variety of careers and their job duties, employment outlooks, salaries and educational and other requirements.
Career Satisfaction
What one thing leads to the most career satisfaction? There is a different answer to that question for every individual. What you may love about a career may not make you feel the same way about it. That's why it is so important to learn about your own values, interests, personality and aptitudes and find a career that is a good match based on your personal inclinations.
In it for The Money

As long as I make a lot of money, will none of this matter?

You couldn't be further from the truth. If a particular career isn't a good match for you, for example it isn't suitable for someone with your personality, it won't matter how much you earn, you still won't be happy.
Money Can’t Buy Love

So money isn't important at all?

Earnings are very important to many people but it must be considered in conjunction with all the other aspects of a particular occupation, for example the job duties, the opportunities for advancement, the way it utilizes your hard skills and soft skills.
Hot Careers

Should you pick something off those "Best Careers" lists?

You should never choose a career simply because it appears on one of those lists. While it is important to consider job outlook while evaluating whether a particular occupation is right for you, the fact that it has a promising future doesn't necessarily mean it is. Job outlook varies over time—what is a hot career now may cool off in the future. Make sure the occupation is a good fit for you.
Not so Hot Careers

The outlook for the career I want is pretty bad. Should I take a chance?

Job outlooks change. They can worsen or they can become better. Do some investigative work to figure out why your dream career appears to be on the decline. That might be able to tell you whether the outlook is going to get worse or if there is a chance it could recover. A decline due to economic trends may turn around but one due to technological advancements will probably continue its downward trajectory.

Should I follow my passion into a field that is highly competitive?

It is very important to be realistic about your chances of succeeding. 1. Are you talented enough to succeed? 2. Are you willing to pay your dues? 3. Are you competitive by nature because you will have to be? 4. Are you able to take rejection, because you probably will? 5. Do you have a plan for supporting yourself while you pursue your dreams?
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